5 reasons being cynical can change your life

Everyone on the Internet is trying to be positive- ’10 ways to lift yourself into a new life’ ‘Make great life choices with this method’ and everyone can become a life coach for a few 100€ and an online course. Does any of it work for the poor souls? probably not or maybe it’s the placebo effect.

Yet, being cynical is underrated, often frowned upon or mistaken for humorous attempt to make someone laugh. Well it’s probably not and yes I am this cynical and pessimistic. But can it save your life?

Save money

Friend: We are going to the new raw vegan fairtrade café for lunch, do you want to come?

You: Yes ok!

Splits bill after terrible meal… 30 euros each… oh wait your partner doesn’t have their money… 60€ down the drain for uncooked food.

Now I’m not saying don’t try new things but don’t keep making the same mistakes. If you know you don’t like something air in the side of caution and don’t do it.

Rollercoasters- don’t like them- don’t go to a theme park! Save 100’s

Drinking alcohol- love it- choose that instead of yoga the next morning. Unless you can do naked beer yoga in the dark.. could be interesting.

Most people get gut feelings they won’t like something, maybe you should follow it. After all life isn’t all avocado on toast for brunch and watching the sunset on a mountain. Life is doing things that you are comfortable doing with people you like.

Meeting people

‘He’s really nice, he from England too’ then you meet the guy and he’s a complete asshole. Don’t blame your friends for trying and don’t hate the guy for being who he is, you won’t like everyone. That’s just a sad fact of life.

Mental disorders and saying ‘you just have to get to know him’ maybe right in some cases but normally it’s clear this person is going to be to your disliking. So why waste the time!

If they are your friend’s friends then let it stay that way and just pray they don’t keep going to the social events you attend in common. If they do go, then you could make an effort but don’t force yourself.

Save time

Aside from saving you money on space wasting restaurants and crappy overindulged nightclubs, you can also save money!

Yes thinking the worst in things and questioning and thing that smells of bullshit save you time and energy. You won’t waste your Sunday evening trying to be friends with a militant aged vegan or pretending you like food. You can do something you like that is productive for you or someone you do like.


We all have different friends and we probably know them quite well within a few meetings. I have friends who only come out when single, who are always 1 hour late, who can’t cope with stress and who are just fucking ignorant to somethings. Sorry guys but it’s true.

Obviously they are your friends, despite their flaws they will have many positives. Hence why you are friends. So remember the positives but be sure to always factor in the weaknesses it will save you both time, money and stress, maybe even your friendship.

Knowing what your friends are like and what they will not do means you can plan according to their needs and your own. You won’t feel disappointed or angry and they will probably appreciate the thought you have put into it. This may not always be true but it’s worth a try.

Keep positive

Being cynical doesn’t mean being a miserable grey looking dull git… well only sometimes, but by not feeling let down and more in control of your decisions you will start to feel more positive and even smug at times. Which despite what people say it does feel good to be a bit smug at times. Especially saying things like ‘ I thought he was trouble’ or ‘I can afford to get wasted tonight if I want… maybe I’ll watch a film’

Try new things and people but don’t punish yourself for hating them. You don’t have to voice your inner cynic but maybe you might want to listen to their point of view from time to time. It probably won’t save your life… but you might have more fun.

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