Catalonia: Why can’t they have a referendum?

What is going on with Catalonia and why do they want independence? Is it the same as Scotland and are they really any different to the Spanish? Living in Madrid I am exposed to plenty of news, rumours, insults and praise for the region and its people, and I wanted to share and explore thatContinue reading “Catalonia: Why can’t they have a referendum?”

Spain’s less than picturesque white coast: European slavery lives here

When you say Costa del Sol you think of drunk Brits, and the more romantic of us may think of olive farms and flamenco. Well, this is only partly true. What about hundreds of Green houses? And Africans? Recently, I became aware of Norvara Media, a growing underground news channel that has a website, YouTubeContinue reading “Spain’s less than picturesque white coast: European slavery lives here”

Why Americans annoy the British.

If you have American friends but cannot express why they annoy, send them this list… it’s a joke by the way! There aren’t many Americans in Bristol, if there are you can hear their accent from a mile away, booming over the rest of us like an air raid siren. Then in London I didn’tContinue reading “Why Americans annoy the British.”

Book review: The way of the Activist

The way of the Activist By Jamie Driscoll and Rachel Broardbent Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (16 Aug. 2017) Is this a cult handbook? Or a faction guide on how to over throw your local Labour party CLP or branch? It is neither, so you can take a deep breath and relax…Continue reading “Book review: The way of the Activist”

5 reasons being cynical can change your life

Everyone on the Internet is trying to be positive- ’10 ways to lift yourself into a new life’ ‘Make great life choices with this method’ and everyone can become a life coach for a few 100€ and an online course. Does any of it work for the poor souls? probably not or maybe it’s theContinue reading “5 reasons being cynical can change your life”

Pub series: The Great British living room.

Last in the pub series What can I say about British pubs? Well, they are home! From your generic Wetherspoons with its 1970s carpet and flowery plates, to your local that has been in the family for generations, British pubs are irreplaceable. Many pubs have similar features, from the warmth of the sofas to theContinue reading “Pub series: The Great British living room.”

For the Many: Preparing Labour For Power – Book Review

For the Many, Preparing Labour For Power. Edited by Mike Phipps. Various contributors. OR Books 2017, Kindle February 2018 This book is an extension of the well received 2017 election manifesto, For The Many Not The Few. This book expands and leads the way for discussion about how a future Labour government could function. ForContinue reading “For the Many: Preparing Labour For Power – Book Review”

Pub series: My new found affection for no-frills Spanish bar

Photo from Madrid No-frills   As you may well know, there are many bars in Spain: one for every occasion and with several different names. Cafeteria, restaurante, cervecería and all the bars in between. Yet the best –and more authentic ones – have similar characteristics, though not all of them are visible. When I wasContinue reading “Pub series: My new found affection for no-frills Spanish bar”

Pub series: The Similar Curiosities of an Irish pub

I’ve decided to take a small break from moaning about the Conservative party or writing of trying to survive as an Englishman in Madrid. So, I’ve decided to embark upon a series of something I consider myself to be a connoisseur and expert on. Drinking establishments. Far away from the Spanish jammon franchises and AmericanContinue reading “Pub series: The Similar Curiosities of an Irish pub”

Why joining the Labour Party is like going to the pub.

So you arrive to a new town, where you are meant to meet a new group of people. It took you a while to find this group. You um and ah about it, but you join the group and this is your first meeting. Finally get to the destination, which was hard to find, youContinue reading “Why joining the Labour Party is like going to the pub.”