Vote for hope. Vote for Change

All the election manifestos are now out, and it’s clear the Liberal Democrats, along with the Conservatives, want to maintain the course of our current economic model: neoliberalism. This economic model has resulted in income disparity unseen since the 1920’s. The difference between the poorest and the richest earners has grown exponentially. Since 2010 itContinue reading “Vote for hope. Vote for Change”

Book Review: Why Marx Was Right

By Terry Eagleton Published by Yale University Press Interest in Marx’s ideas has exploded recently due to a growing discontent with current economic thought, and the philosophy that goes neo-liberalism. Many are intrigued by the old wizard’s theories. What is a surplus profit? and why am I being exploited as a worker are all questionsContinue reading “Book Review: Why Marx Was Right”

Leave or Remain, a Labour government is what we need

With Boris Johnson taking the country to the brink of a no deal brexit, all eyes will be on anyone trying to stop it. They will be painted as the undemocratic “doubters, the doomsters, the gloomsters” of the UK. Johnson hopes to frame the next election around brexit and paint himself, similar to Trump, asContinue reading “Leave or Remain, a Labour government is what we need”

Can the Feminist hype save Spain’s dying Left?

“The protest continued well into the night down the main avenues of Spain’s capital city, all the while the people eating in these restaurants were being waited on by women who probably couldn’t afford to strike.”

Why we should all support 8M, the Women’s Strike, in Spain

Since 2017, when 40,000 women ascended on Madrid the 8th March has become a big date in the Spanish calendar. 2018 was when it really hit it off with millions of women striking in the first ever 24 hour strike. Housewives hung out their aprons, next to the Spanish flags, in solidarity with their fellow strikers. Here is why, in 2019, it is more important than ever.

The Centre Strikes Back

The Centre Strikes Back   The end of February was quite an explosive time within the Parliamentary Labour ranks and over the coming weeks, it’s going to get worse in the branch and constituency meetings. Many people thought that the centrist dads would have given up the game and gone and joined the new IndependentContinue reading “The Centre Strikes Back”

Worth a Read: Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism

Worth a Read: Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism By Kirsten Ghodsee Bodley Head Publications If you think this is a story with steamy descriptions of Soviet spies turning capitalist men in the USA to spy for the Russian regime, or the story of woman’s liberation from the clutches of the Iron Curtain, itContinue reading “Worth a Read: Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism”

Where to become an activist in Madrid.

“The fascists are on the rise ” scream the left and “Cultural Marxism is consuming our community ” say the ultra right catholics.

Whatever your political standing, you cannot deny that Madrid is a city that likes voicing its opinion.

Even if you are an English speaker you can get involved. It’s just knowing where to turn.

Catalonia: Why can’t they have a referendum?

What is going on with Catalonia and why do they want independence? Is it the same as Scotland and are they really any different to the Spanish? Living in Madrid I am exposed to plenty of news, rumours, insults and praise for the region and its people, and I wanted to share and explore thatContinue reading “Catalonia: Why can’t they have a referendum?”

Spain’s less than picturesque white coast: European slavery lives here

When you say Costa del Sol you think of drunk Brits, and the more romantic of us may think of olive farms and flamenco. Well, this is only partly true. What about hundreds of Green houses? And Africans? Recently, I became aware of Norvara Media, a growing underground news channel that has a website, YouTubeContinue reading “Spain’s less than picturesque white coast: European slavery lives here”

Why Americans annoy the British.

If you have American friends but cannot express why they annoy, send them this list… it’s a joke by the way! There aren’t many Americans in Bristol, if there are you can hear their accent from a mile away, booming over the rest of us like an air raid siren. Then in London I didn’tContinue reading “Why Americans annoy the British.”

Book review: The way of the Activist

The way of the Activist By Jamie Driscoll and Rachel Broardbent Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (16 Aug. 2017) Is this a cult handbook? Or a faction guide on how to over throw your local Labour party CLP or branch? It is neither, so you can take a deep breath and relax…Continue reading “Book review: The way of the Activist”

5 reasons being cynical can change your life

Everyone on the Internet is trying to be positive- ’10 ways to lift yourself into a new life’ ‘Make great life choices with this method’ and everyone can become a life coach for a few 100€ and an online course. Does any of it work for the poor souls? probably not or maybe it’s theContinue reading “5 reasons being cynical can change your life”

Pub series: The Great British living room.

Last in the pub series What can I say about British pubs? Well, they are home! From your generic Wetherspoons with its 1970s carpet and flowery plates, to your local that has been in the family for generations, British pubs are irreplaceable. Many pubs have similar features, from the warmth of the sofas to theContinue reading “Pub series: The Great British living room.”