Swindon. This is Swindon.

This is the beginning of my project based on my hometown.

Swindon has transformed since 1986 when the Railway works closed. Coming into the 2020’s it is likely to change again. With the up and coming closure of Honda, Swindon will see another slight shift in its economic make up. 3,500 jobs will be lost directly from Honda. A further 3,500 jobs, if not more, are predicted to be affected.

Swindon’s population is due to grow 6% by 2026. From 218,000 to 231,700 in 2026. This is in keeping with the national picture, however many are concerned about the infrastructure of the town. Calls for a second hospital have been ongoing but seem to be unheard, whilst more and more houses are being built, making Swindon spread like a drop of ink on paper.

My book will take all these factors into account, but I want the people of Swindon to speak, not the figures. I plan to interview local groups in the Easter and summer of 2020. Also, over the year I want to interview individuals online. The book will be one big conversation. I want to include all opinions about how the town has changed. But not just opinions, gaining insight into people’s experiences is key for this project. I what to ask about how, but more importantly why, Swindon has changed. I can only do this by being fair and by keeping my own views aside as much as possible.

I want to hear from a wide range of groups: historical societies, social groups, charities, activist groups, youth groups and special interest groups. Even work places. If you and others would like to be interviewed then please contact me. The only condition is that you have to live in Swindon. Regarding individual people, I would like to hear from people of all backgrounds, interests, ages and political views. All names and identifiable information will be kept anonymous if the person wants.

If you would like to be a part of this then please email me to make arrangements.

Email: Edwardlawrenceblog@gmail.com

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